Blast in the Past

15 Sep

Another blog post from my Fiction blog.

World of Torzukarr

I wanted to see how far I can trace my activity on the Internet.  I was able to trace it back all the way back to when I first joined my first website in 2002, when I was 11.  Yes, 11!  But it was Neopets and I did it under my parent’s e-mail.  I only can remember my neosvetlana1071 account and I knew I switched from some account name that had “tiger” and this account was created a bit before the Neopets staff removed the amusement parks, so maybe late 2001?  I also know that I used this account until 2005.  I think later on, I rejoined and got the idea for the username “Mechafish”, which used to be mine here before I switched it to “Barsook”.

One funny thing about Neopets and my idea for real life trading cards and a magazine.  I wanted those maybe a year or…

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