Personal Goals for Ubuntu 14.04

18 Oct

It’s a day after the release of 13.04 and the Ubuntu community is already starting to think about the release of Ubuntu 14.04.  So I am.  These goals deal with the three teams that I’m in: Ubuntu Documentation (Ubuntu-Doc) Team, Ubuntu Women team, and Ohio Team (the LoCo).

For the Ubuntu-Doc team, my main goal is to work on getting the Wiki up-date and work out a standard template for the “unsupported” Wiki pages in the Ubuntu Documentation wiki.  Also, find other ways to help the team to write wiki pages better.

For Ubuntu Women, my main goal is help the team to help get more women involved with Ubuntu and FOSS and also work on the outreach to the greater Ubuntu community.

For Ubuntu Ohio, my main goal is to reach out to my fellow Ohioan Ubuntu users and meet them in person.

Also, my main goal in the Ubuntu community is to get my Ubuntu membership in early 2014.


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