The Meaning of “Ubuntu Sense”

06 Nov

This blog’s name, The Ubuntu Sense, has a meaning and the meaning connected to my involvement.

The first part of the meaning is one that covers the whole community of Ubuntu users and the ones who are involved with the various teams and projects. There is sense of community where users help other users to make Ubuntu better and to spread the word out. I know this happens around the FOSS communities but I feel it’s the greatest with the Ubuntu community. Maybe because it’s really the only community that I’m a part of and I know that my skills can be use to their fullest. The Ubuntu community is spread into every place in the world and each community member has their own ideas and views and many of these ideas and views are applied to the teams and projects.

The only problem that see is that there a some new users who want to get involved with the skills that they have.  Sure, there is the static page and the “Contribute To Ubuntu“, but I think there is an easier way for helping people to find a team/project to be a part of.  I know that the Italian LoCo has a quiz that helps users to figure out what they can do with the skills and the time that they have.  I know that Silvia Bindelli and I am working on making one for the English users and have the added onto the page.  But that is not enough for the developers who can not find program teams/projects to join and code for them.  That will change someday and I know that Ubuntu Women team is looking at a Launchpad site called Harvest, a site that allows developers to look for little coding projects for that program.

As I get more involved with Ubuntu and it’s community, I will gain a greater meaning of the Ubuntu Sense.  Ubuntu and it’s community is almost like a ecological community, a one that is like a super organism rather than individual teams working on projects.


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