Community Help Wiki Updates

08 Dec

This weekend, starting on my snowy Friday afternoon and an hour or so before the meeting for the team, when skellat PMed about two users needing some feedback on the shiny, new front page of the Community Help Wiki.  Then the team had the meeting [1,2] and we had a productive meeting.  I don’t have any comments on the meeting even for my topic that I bought, which was talked about in the mailing-list.

Then on Saturday, knome and cprofitt, were working on deleting some of the unneeded pages on the Community Help Wiki.  While that was away, the thought of having Global Wiki Jams, where the Doc Team recruits members of LoCo’s and other community members to join forces and figure out what pages should be deleted and what updated.  But the problem with this is that this idea needs to be run by the LoCo Leadership.  Skellat came and also help us work the idea out.

And on Sunday, knome, slickymaster, cprofitt, pleia2, and I, talked about having a better structure than what we have now for the wiki.

Other updates are we are working on correcting the front page of the Community Help Wiki because it’s incorrect.  Documentation implies that the information is correct and up to date. Wiki is a form where users can create pages for their needs (and for others).

I also joined the NewDocs team to figure out what are the popular pages that need to kept up to date.

I also thank knome for posting a blog post about his involvement with the Doc Team!




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