Testing Ideas for virtual Ubuntu Hours

25 Jan

In the LoCo (Local Communities) community of the Ubuntu Community, there are things called Ubuntu Hours and these allow members of LoCos to meet with other members in their area and in person to talk about Ubuntu and what they do with it in public places.  This idea only works for LoCo’s with members that are not so scattered.  In the LoCo’s that have scattered members the best thing for those is the use of the tools available Online, such as IRC and video/audio chatting.  And one such example of a LoCo that has scattered members is my LoCo, Ubuntu Ohio.

In our meeting, jrgifford suggested that we could try to run some form of virtual Ubuntu Hours.  Then a fellow Point of Contact for Ubuntu Canada Team said that he wanted to try to use video/audio for their next LoCo meeting.  But he wanted to find FAIF software to stay a way from Google and the other non-FAIF software, but in the end, they decided to use Google Hangouts.  This got me to e-mail the Ubuntu Ohio team to see if anyone wanted to try to run virtual Ubuntu Hours using tools that the Point of Contact suggested but  jrgifford suggested the use of a tool called WebRTC.

After two mock virtual Ubuntu Hours and other tests, we found out that WebRTC is only an year old technology and only works for Firefox Nightly and Chrome on Ubuntu.  Also, with all the video/audio tools, WebRTC is not bandwidth friendly and we had many issues with connection.

It has been decided that, for Ubuntu Ohio Team, we will be using IRC only for our virtual Ubuntu Hours.  More info here.

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