Obtaining Ubuntu Membership: Lessons Learned

07 Feb

Last night, I applied to Ubuntu Membership and went to the 2200 UTC Membership Board meeting.  I was not the only one, there was four others- one of which who didn’t obtain their membership because they didn’t have any current projects that they were working on.  In this post, I will talk about the lessons that I learned and pass them on to future Ubuntu Community non-members in order for them to learn from them.

Before I speak about the lessons, I will share a couple links:

And now to the lessons:

  • Do come prepared- even with a pre-written introduction with the links to your LaunchPad profile and your wiki page.  This makes saves time for you and the board.  Also, when there are many who are applying, it very important to do this.
  • Do come prepared to answer questions
  • Do come with a translator if your English is weak
  • Do have current goals
  • Do ask in your teams’ mailing-list if it’s time for you to apply.  Do this a month before the board meeting that you want to apply to.  Ask for feedback on your wiki page and for comments on your work in the team(s).
  • Do keep in mind that general FOSS involvement is awesome but Ubuntu membership requires more focus on Ubuntu
  • Do keep your wiki page up to date

These two are from IdleOne and valorie from Ubuntu Women- thanks!

I hope this helps for those who want to apply.  If you don’t obtain it the first time, you can try, try, try again as many times as you want.


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