vUDS 1403

12 Mar

Today, I went to two the vUDS tracks since they were the only ones that I was interested in since they covered aspects in the Ubuntu Community.

The “Re-imagining our Online Summit” focused on how to redesign the summit to focus more on the non-developer side of the Community and still, of course, have the developer side.  My thought on this is that it’s a good idea to move away from having the summits being almost 100% for just for developers.  There are other parts of the Community that need spotlight, such as LoCo’s.  One suggestion that was suggested is to use a panel of let’s say five (5) people all from different teams and they talk about what their team is doing at the moment.  This is the only suggestion that I remember on the top of my head, I was fighting to try to get my mic working so I can be in the Hangout.  Nope, and I’m seeking to buy a mic that will work.

The second track that I went to is the, “Growing a new generation of Ubuntu leaders”, and this focused on the problem of getting leaders motivated to lead and to figure out a leader from a manager.  I took a lot of notes for this track and those notes can be found on that page that I linked in the Pad.  In this track, we focused on how to get non-natural leaders started.  Some of the ideas that were suggested are videos by Jono Bacon on how to start something, docs in the Toolkit to help leaders, and some mentoring system that ID’s new leaders and helps them to succeeded.

Even though this was a mid-cycle vUDS, there was still something for me to come and get my ideas across.  And hopefully, I will a working mic for the next one.

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