Workflow (Re)design

06 May

Over the past month or so, I started to think about my workflow and I found that I’m at the point of redesigning it, mainly because I have new tools that can be used in my workflow.

Since I started to talk about tools, allow me to list what I have:

For analogue, I still have a notebook for paper and a pen.  But for digital, I have more tools then just a computer, screen, and a mouse/keyboard.  I have a Wacom Intous 4 (that I don’t even use for drawing that much anymore), the pen to that tablet, two smart devices: a Nexus 7 2013 and HTC ONE V.

I weighed the pros and the cons of both of them and I found that going digital is the way to go but not 100%.  I still need to use a bit of the analogue to still have a functioning system.

Most of the pros dealt with saving physical space, eco-friendlyness, and the functions of editing, pen colors, and different sytle of paper for the background in the program that I will be using called Xounral.  I will also use myPaint for brainstorming using idea webs/maps.

The only con that I was about list was the fact that both of the programs, myPaint and Xournal, is the fact that these programs are not for the smart devices and their main file type (.ora and .xoj, respectively) doesn’t work with another programs.  Well, .ora works with GIMP but GIMP is only for the PC.

I’m not sure if there is any OpenSource based program like Xournal that can sync between PC’s and smart devices.  The only program that I saw was Quill but again that is only for smart devices. And for some reason, it’s free on F-Droid but not Google Play. Maybe I should ask the developers of Quill to port it for the PC. Another thought that came to me was what if I could develop a program that does what I want.  The only problem and, this problem always run into this, is that I can’t code.  I only have the basic concepts of how code works.  Before I move on, I want to say sorry for getting a bit offtopic but it’s needed.


The reason why I joined the Ubuntu Community in the first place is to get my ideas for programs/games to be developed with code.  But I like I already said, I quickly found another niche to be in.  While it was the best thing for me to do, I still, time to time, get ideas for programs.  Lately, I have been thinking what if I started to network with developers and get one of my ideas developed into a program.  But I have no way to start this and I’m asking others to help me network with developers.  Thank you.


Back to the workflow redesign, I also looked at my task management system.  Currently, I’m just using Lightning for both my calender and tasks.  But it alone cut it for me.  It doesn’t do my day to day planning.  What I use now, is David Seah’s Mini Emergent Task Planner, which is an analogue planner.

When looking back at my redesign, it is not a major change.  It’s only going from analogue to digital.  But it’s something that I wanted to do for maybe two years.  I was able to finally use my Wacom tablet in November of 2013 when my trackpad (read: laptop’s mouse) stopped working and I had some weird issue with anything that mouse-like on Ubuntu.  Luckily, I had my Wacom tablet that was meant for me to do digital artwork, but I never found that I liked my style and gave up for a while.  Also, a bit before, one of my Twitter pals, AJ Linux, posted a blog post about note-taking software for Linux and that post introduced me to Xournal.  From then (November 2013) to now, I rarely use a mouse with my laptop (the netbook that I have, the 2005 one is a desktop for me), I just use my Wacom tablet.  This allows me to hand-write all of my notes for my classes that I take (and amaze everyone around me).

This sums up everything of my redesign and like David Seah, I might be writing another blog post on how it’s going for me.

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