Personal Goals for Ubuntu 15.04

28 Oct

I thought I written post for 14.10 but I didn’t…I think real life was too stressful on me at that time, but I wrote one for 14.04.

Between the 14.04 cycle and the 14.10 cycle, I completed one of the six (6) or so goals and I’m working on one them, which   I understand why I was not able to complete the other four (4) (or so) goals and I will explain why:

Ubuntu Doc Team

I learned that the main focus of the the Doc team should be the desktop/server docs not the wiki.  But still, there should be a some group of people that should be the admins of the wiki.  What is really required is recruiting experts on the subject matter to update the wiki pages along with the wiki admins to rename and delete pages.

Ubuntu Ohio Team

I learned that most of the LoCo’s are dead and Ubuntu Ohio is one of them.  Or I am not putting in enough energy in recruiting people into the LoCo.  Or not networking enough.

Ubuntu Women

I learned that we don’t have resources to run an outreach program.  But I learned that there is other ways to do “outreach”.

Between the time that I started to get involved and now, I joined three teams and was elected as an Elected Leader and as a Memebership Board member.  I created new goals as I failed many of them to many factors.  These are:

Ubuntu Doc Team

Nothing for now.

Ubuntu Oho Team

Nothing for now.

Ubuntu Women

I have three (3) goals, two of which are sub-goals of the main goal: help get more women involved with Ubuntu and FOSS.  The other one is related to the main goal of help get more women involved but it’s a collaboration between another team.

The first two goals are finish the Orientation Quiz and publish it, and get Harvest developed enough for anyone to use.  The other goal is to start a collaboration Ubuntu Scientists since that was one thing that was brought up while working on the Orientation Quiz.

Ubuntu Scientists

The collaboration project mainly and perhaps one of the other goals of the team. And also try to get the team active.

Ubuntu Leadership

Most likely, the goal is to collect information on issues that leaders face and write those articles.  And also try to get the team active.




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3 responses to “Personal Goals for Ubuntu 15.04

  1. Stephen Michael Kellat

    October 28, 2014 at 6:04 pm

    What would you like the Ohio goal to be? There are many possibilities. I am, of course, earnestly looking for input.

    • Svetlana Belkin

      October 28, 2014 at 6:18 pm

      It’s to hard to say what the goal to be. My thoughts are just going back to meeting people in real life, but like I said, the issue is networking and how to do it correctly. Maybe I should still work on this goal and keep on learning.

      • Stephen Michael Kellat

        October 28, 2014 at 7:14 pm

        De-coupling meeting everyone at Ohio Linux Fest is a major issue. After all, Ohio Linux Fest isn’t really run by anybody who lives in the LoCo. Historically that was when people got together to meet.

        Now, if we have a meet-and-greet in-person activity planned somewhere in-state that would definitely help things. Planning that is no simple task. If we can shoot for that at some point this cycle, it may provide benefits.

        If I had the cash for transit, I could also come down to southwestern Ohio to speak. Sadly the coffers are emptying out. We’ll see what develops.


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