Why is my Workflow the Way it is?

10 Nov

As I said in my last post, I’m trying to find a program that suits my workflow in terms of being organized.  In this quote:

My plan on how to use Zim [Wiki] is as followed:

  • I will use notebooks to keep related stuff together.  Example: All of my Ubuntu stuff in a nokebook called, “Ubuntu”.
  • Within notebooks, minus the “Pickle Jar”, I will use pages as major categories.  Example: I have a “Ubuntu Sense” page within my “Ubuntu” notebook.
  • Within major categories (as pages), I will use sub-pages as the “pages”. Example: I have a “Things to Blog On” sub-page in my “Ubuntu Sense” page.
  • […]
  • I will use a “Pickle Jar” notebook for random thoughts just has David Seah does [both links removed].

The first four are things that seem to stay with me no matter what program I use, so I know those things are set in stone but the program that I use isn’t.

The quote is talking about how I organize things within the notebooks themselves.

Today, I was thinking on why I organize my “notes” this way instead of just having .odt or .txt files.  What I believe is that I taking some of the ideas that I was forced to do in middle school into high school, which was to have binders (or one mega binder) for each subject and within each binder, have a divider for the subcategories that was required for that subject.  Within those dividers, the notes, handouts, ect would be placed.  What I’m doing is trying to recreate that in a digital setting in order to get closer to my “be closely 100% digital”.

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