Don’t Buy Edimax EW-7811Un 150M 11n Wi-Fi USB Adapter For Linux

11 Nov

The speeds are horrible with this when you are at a distance from the router; like 20 feet away.  Here is proof:

Please note, my laptop was only able to connect to a G network and nothing else.

Before (on G network):

After (with it on G network):

What’s funny is that when I connect to a N network the speeds really drop!

I should be getting these speeds as on my netbook:

I learned my lesson, do your homework and read the reviews on items before buying.  I hope there is a way to increase those speeds on Linux or it’s just the product itself on Linux.

EDIT: I posted a question on AskUbuntu to see if there is a way to do it.

UPDATE: Powerline adapter to the rescue:

Tried out the suggested answer form AskUbuntu but still bad speeds on N:

Funny, the G network connection is better than the N:

I guess the Powerline the choice in my case since my dad is trying to move away from using G network.

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