Final Meeting of the Year for Ubuntu Ohio

26 Dec

Today, on December 26 at 8 PM EST, the Ubuntu Ohio LoCo team had there final meeting of the year. These items were discussed:

Mailing List

Back in 2008, the former leader/point of contact, Jacob Peddicord moved the mailing list to the Launch Pad team’s mailing list from the one.  In an e-mail, Jacob said,

Hosting the list at Launchpad means that we don’t have to deal with the hassles of Mailman. All a user needs to subscribe to the list is a Launchpad account, and upon joining the LoCo team, new members will be asked if they would like to subscribe. This makes things easier overall for managing your own mailing lists as well if you subscribe to other Launchpad lists.

But…Fast forward to now, we are the only LoCo Community that is using the LP lists.  I created a poll on our mailing-list and I’m calling all Ubuntu Ohio team members to vote and voice your option.

Twitter Account

We do have one and few know that it exists.  So follow it!

Ubuntu Global Jam

We are doing one at a state park lodge (Deer Creek Lodge).  We are doing this because our team is very scattered around the state and having a centralized place is the smart move to do.  We have it planned for Saturday, but no schedule for that day.  But that will be known when time is near.

A small note, I may bring my desktop computer to the Jam as a platform for presentations.

Leadership Transition

Due to circumstances beyond his control, Stephen Michael Kellat appears required to stand down as Leader and Point of Contact for Ubuntu Ohio. This is prompted by his conditions of employment as a federal civil servant. We must discuss the way forward.


It was decided that a council will be formed between the deputies of the team since no one stepped up to the position.

Hopeful, 2015 will be a great year for Ubuntu Ohio and things can move forward.

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