Why I Blog?

04 Feb

On February 6th, 2015, I applied for my Ubuntu Membership and got it.  A year later (-ish) and 53 posts later (yes, I counted!), I’m still a Ubuntu Member and still a blogger over what I do in the Ubuntu Community and sometimes outside of the Community.  The Planet Ubuntu link for my blog is really the only perk* that I use mainly that actually gives me the reason to keep on blogging.  The Ubuntu Sense blog is the only successful blog that I have ran over the ten plus years that I was online.

I always wanted my own site, but never had reason to do so.  Same thing with a blog.  The earliest examples that I can think of is me posting about random things about my life or what happened, and that was when I was in middle school into high school.  Only then in December 2009, I started World of Torzukarr, a fantasy fiction idea blog.  I kept it running for three to four years, as a log of ideas and as proof of when I got this idea and a way to get feedback on ideas.  Because I posted time to time, the blog wasn’t that popular and I didn’t get that much feedback. When I got myself involved within the Ubuntu Community, shortly after, I had no way to post the news of the happenings or the insights that I was getting.  I found that mircoblogging never worked and I knew that I was semi-running a blog, so it was the perfect fit for me.

*Sorry for saying this but I do mean it. The e-mail address doesn’t help me with anything, it’s just another e-mail address that fowards to my main one.

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